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Daniel Lapsley

Daniel Lapsley

Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Professor of Psychology

Chair of the Department of Psychology, Dan Lapsley also serves as academic coordinator for the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). ACE is one of the University’s signature outreach programs, devoted to preparing recent college graduates to serve as teachers and administrators in the nation’s under-resourced Catholic schools.

Lapsley’s research focuses on adolescent social cognitive and personality development. He also studies and writes on various topics in moral psychology, including the moral dimensions of personality, moral development, and character formation. In a recent article in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Lapsley and co-author Patrick Hill explore the popular notion that the risky behavior of young people is associated with their sense of invulnerability. Lapsley suggests that the source of adolescent invulnerability may have less to do with defects in risk appraisal or decision-making than with normative development processes such as ego development.

Lapsley serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Educational Psychology and the Journal of Early Adolescence. He is the 2010 recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education.

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This professorship was established by the University in 1998, with gifts from several anonymous benefactors.