Named Professorships

Paul W. Bohn

Paul W. Bohn

Arthur J. Schmitt Professor of Chemical Engineering

A 1977 graduate of Notre Dame, Paul Bohn’s research interests encompass molecular transport on the nanoscale, chemical sensors, and molecular approaches to nanotechnology. In 2008, he was one of the co-authors of a paper, published in the journal Nature, that established an aggressive research agenda to tackle the major global issue of providing clean water to the 1.2 billion people worldwide who currently go without.

At Notre Dame, Bohn oversees Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics, a multidisciplinary initiative to design micro-sensing devices capable of personalized healthcare and environmental monitoring. His work could have applications as wide-ranging as chemotherapy-administering nanoscale chips implanted near a tumor in the body, to tiny portable cartridges used by relief workers to monitor the quality of a remote village’s water supply.

Bohn has served as the editorial board chair for Analyst, a publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and is a member of the American Chemical Society and a fellow of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the RSC. He has received numerous awards, including, most recently, the 2010 Theophilus Redwood Award.

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Arthur J. Schmitt founded an international firm whose electronics expertise proved useful to the United States government during World War II. With royalties from his patents, he founded his eponymous foundation to support higher education. The foundation established this professorship in 1983.