Named Professorships

Laurie Littlepage

Laurie Littlepage

Campbell Family Assistant Professor of Cancer Research

Professor Littlepage's research program is focused on the contributions of the epithelium and surrounding stroma/microenvironment to both cancer progression and normal tissue development in the mammary gland and prostate. 

Overall, her research is grounded in understanding the mechanisms of cancer progression and in identifying therapies that prevent or reverse cancer in patients. She develops and uses integrated mouse models and genome-wide association studies to understand the contributions of specific genes in vivo at multiple points in cancer progression, spanning from normal mammary development to tumor progression and metastasis and chemotherapy resistance.

Professor Littlepage uses a combination of mouse and human xenograft in vivo models, cell culture and organotypic cultures, and systems biology approaches to study biomarkers of epithelial plasticity and to determine how these genes drive aberrations in fundamental biological processes, e.g., differentiation state, progenitor cell maintenance, metabolism, and genomic integrity.

Professor Littlepage also is identifying targeted therapies appropriate for personalized treatment of cancer patients based on these biomarkers.


The Campbell Family Assistant Professorship was endowed by Robert and Joan Campbell, of North Brunswick, New Jersey. A member of the College of Science Advisory Council, Bob is the former vice-chairman of the board of Johnson & Johnson. Two of the Campbells’ four children are Notre Dame graduates.