Named Professorships

Philip E. Mirowski

Philip E. Mirowski

Carl E. Koch Professor of Economics

Philip Mirowski is internationally renowned for his work in the history and philosophy of economics. In addition to holding the Koch Professorship, he is a fellow of Notre Dame’s John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values.

Mirowski is perhaps best known for the book More Heat Than Light: Economics as Social Physics, a history of economic thought and theory that has since been translated into French. In 2007, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization devoted an entire issue to a symposium held on one of Mirowski’s papers, “Markets comes to bits,” with commentary on his work by 16 leading economists and computer scientists. His 2004 book, Effortless Economy of Science?, won the Ludwig Fleck Prize, awarded annually to the best book in science and technology studies by the Society for Social Studies of Science. 

Mirowski's most recent book, Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste (Verso, 2013), was chosen as a 'book of the week' by the Times Higher Education Supplement. In addition, Mirowski has served visiting academic appointments at universities around the world, including All Souls College at Oxford University; the Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay; the University of Aix‐Marsailles, France; Erasmus University, Holland; Yale University; and Duke University.

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The late Paula Koch established two professorships in memory of her husband, one in economics and another in history. Carl was a successful Chicago businessman and founder of the American Beauty Products Company. In 1979, the family established the Koch Foundation to aid the evangelization efforts of the Catholic Church.