Named Professorships

Rev. Brian E. Daley, SJ

Rev. Brian E. Daley, SJ

Catherine F. Huisking Professor of Theology

Jesuit priest and historical theologian, Brian Daley is an internationally renowned Patristics scholar, that is, an expert on the writers of early Christianity, often known as  the “Fathers of the Church.” These theologians and preachers, dating from the first to the eighth centuries, include such figures as Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine of Hippo, and Maximus the Confessor.   Daley studies the development of Christian doctrine, particularly theological understandings of the work and life of Jesus Christ and the early development of Trinitarian theology.   He has also written about the eschatology of the early church - what Christians look forward to in faith at the end the world.

A Rhodes Scholar, Daley studied classics, philosophy, and ancient history at Merton College, Oxford, where he received a master’s degree. He also holds a doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1964 and was ordained a priest in 1970. Daley received the 2012 Ratzinger Price in Theology from Pope Benedict XVI during a ceremony in Rome. The Ratzinger Prize is sponsored by The Joseph Ratzinger Vatican Foundation to recognize distinguished scholarship in scripture, patristics and fundamental theology.  In 2013, he was awarded the Johannes Quasten Medal by the Catholic University of America, for service to theology.

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A total of six Huisking Professorships have been established at Notre Dame, all gifts of the Huisking Foundation, Inc. Benefactors Charles and Catherine Huisking created the foundation in memory of their son, Frank, a 1937 Notre Dame alumnus who lost his life in World War II.