Named Professorships

Xavier Creary

Xavier Creary

Charles L. Huisking Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1974, Xavier Creary’s research blends synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry, with the goal of understanding chemical reactivity and reaction mechanisms in organic systems—essential knowledge in the production of new chemicals with medical, industrial, and technological applications. He is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed papers in the areas of physical organic chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry.

With a special interest in the laboratory aspects of chemistry courses, a reputation for vivid and attention-grabbing classroom demonstrations, and highly interactive review sessions, Creary is an immensely popular and well-respected teacher. He is a recipient of the Shilts/Leonard Award, the premier teaching award conferred by the College of Science, as well as a host of other teaching honors, including three Kaneb Teaching Awards and the Thomas Madden Award for excellence in teaching first-year students. 

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A total of six Huisking Professorships have been established at Notre Dame, all gifts of the Huisking Foundation, Inc. Benefactors Charles and Catherine Huisking created the foundation in memory of their son, Frank, a 1937 Notre Dame alumnus who lost his life in World War II.