Named Professorships

Ann Tenbrunsel

Ann Tenbrunsel

David E. Gallo Professor of Business Ethics

A behavioral ethicist, Ann Tenbrunsel’s primary areas of research are ethics and negotiations. She examines the ethics of negotiation and decision-making, particularly as they pertain to the psychological process of “ethical fading”—i.e., one’s inability to recognize or rationalize the ethical dilemmas one faces. In this line of inquiry, she looks at what influences an individual’s decision to do the “right” or “wrong” thing, including the role that organizations play in promoting unethical decisions.

Professor Tenbrunsel also investigates how people negotiate, the mistakes and triumphs they make during negotiations, and the manner in which they should negotiate to obtain desired outcomes.

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The Gallo Professorship was established in 1998 by Joseph E. Gallo, of Modesto, Cali., in memory of his late brother, David. Co-president of the E&J Gallo Winery, David had an unflagging commitment to ethical decision-making practices in every aspect of his business career.