Named Professorships

Edward J. Conlon

Edward J. Conlon

Edward Frederick Sorin Society Professor of Management

When Ed Conlon, associate dean for business graduate studies and the Sorin Society Professor of Management, speaks about business values, he is not talking dollars and cents. Rather, he is referring to the ethics and beliefs that guide how a business operates and how it tackles tough decisions.

A graduate of Pennsylvania State and Carnegie Mellon Universities, Conlon now serves as faculty director of the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership and has spent much of the past three decades teaching and studying how leaders make choices and change their organizations. His 2008 trade book, Getting It Right: Notre Dame on Judgment and Leadership in Business (co-authored with Notre Dame colleague Viva Bartkus), is a departure from recent literature on leadership. Rather than focusing on the leader’s personality, Conlon’s book examines how leaders can solve complex business problems within the framework of a well-examined set of values.

The editor of Academy of Management Review, Conlon’s research on organizational change, managerial decision-making, and principal-agent relationships has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Labor, the Army Research Institute, and the Air Force.

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Members of the Edward Frederick Sorin Society give an annual unrestricted gift of $1,500 or more. This professorship, established in 1997 with a portion of those contributions, is meant to exemplify the vision of Father Sorin and further the University’s mission to seek God, study the world, and serve humanity.