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Diane Parr Walker

Diane Parr Walker

Edward H. Arnold University Librarian

Diane Parr Walker is the Edward H. Arnold University Librarian at the University of Notre Dame.

Walker previously was deputy university librarian at the University of Virginia, where she guided planning and coordination of all library services for the wide variety of disciplines represented at a large research institution. She has been responsible for Virginia’s library administrative services, including finances and budget, human resources, facilities planning and maintenance, and management information services. She led the library’s strategic planning processes and directed the daily operations of a system with 12 locations, 230 faculty and staff and an operating budget of $23 million.

Among the initiatives Walker has led or in which she has played a key role were the planning and construction of a new special collections library, a major renovation of the science and Engineering Library, opening a café in the lobby of the main library (Virginia’s was among the first University libraries to do so), and long-range re-imagining of the physical facilities of the main library in preparation for a major renovation of a building that was more than 70 years old.

Walker also collaborated with colleagues in the university’s information technology division on an incentive and training program for humanities faculty to help them incorporate technology in their classrooms, and more recently to coordinate a strategic institutional shift from providing computer labs to making it easier for students to use their own laptops throughout the libraries and across campus. She also developed and helped to redirect collection development and management strategies as the balance shifted increasingly from print and physical formats to digital.

Walker earned master’s degrees in musicology from the University of Iowa and in library and information science from the University of Illinois and her bachelor’s degree in music literature from MacMurray College.

The Hesburgh Libraries at Notre Dame are served by more than 175 faculty and staff members and are composed of the main Hesburgh Library and eight other libraries across campus. They contain more than 3.3 million volumes, over 34,000 electronic titles, some 3 million microform units, and more than 29,000 audiovisual items – all in support of learning, teaching and research.

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E.H. Arnold, who is married to Jeanne Donlevy Arnold, has served on the Hesburgh Libraries Advisory Council since 1991. He is the founder and former chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Arnold Industries, Inc., a transportation and logistics holding company.