Named Professorships

Michael Lykoudis

Michael Lykoudis

Francis and Kathleen Rooney Dean of the School of Architecture

The Francis and Kathleen Rooney Dean of the School of Architecture, Michael Lykoudis has served as professor of architecture at Notre Dame since 1991. A national and international leader in linking architectural tradition and classicism to urbanism and environmental issues, Lykoudis has devoted his career to the building, study, and promotion of traditional architecture and urbanism.

In 1995, he organized the conference and exhibition, “The Art of Building Cities,” at the Art Institute of Chicago—the first event in the United States to link the practice of contemporary classicism with the new traditional urbanism. Since then, Lykoudis has curated additional international exhibitions on classical architecture and traditional urbanism and organized conferences on these and related topics. He continues to lecture at national and international venues about how the lessons of the past can help us address critical issues of our time, such as how to manage our increasingly complex world in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Since 2003, Lykoudis has served as chairman of The Richard H. Driehaus Prize jury. The Driehaus Prize, presented yearly by the School of Architecture, goes to an architect whose work embodies the principles of traditional and classical architecture and urbanism in contemporary society, and creates a positive, long-lasting cultural, environmental, and artistic impact. Lykoudis is currently working on a book, Modernity, Modernism and the Other Modern.

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The Rooney Deanship was created by Notre Dame parents Francis and Kathleen Rooney. Members of the School of Architecture Advisory Council since 2001, they have also established the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy at Notre Dame.