Named Professorships

Kenjiro Gomes

Kenjiro Gomes

Frank M. Freimann Assistant Professor of Physics

Kenjiro Gomes is an experimental condensed matter physicist whose research is dedicated to understand and control the behavior of electrons in materials. 
By visualizing the electronic flow at the atomic level and modifying materials one atom at a time, Gomes is pushing the frontiers of  the science of electronic control, which is key to change our understanding of how nature works and to pave a way to new technologies.
Before joining the University of Notre Dame, Gomes was a Karl van Bibber Postdoctoral Fellow in Atom Manipulation Nanoscience at Stanford University. He worked on his graduate research as a visiting research assistant at Princeton University, while completing his doctorate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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This professorship was established with earnings from a gift of the Freimann Charitable Trust, made in honor of Frank Freimann, a pioneer of the electronics industry and former chief executive officer of Magnavox.