Named Professorships

Gary H. Bernstein

Gary H. Bernstein

Frank M. Freimann Professor of Engineering

Gary H. Bernstein is a pioneer in the field of nanofabrication, having been involved in this field since 1984. Early in his career, Bernstein held the world record for a transistor with the shortest gate length, and went on to a garner an international reputation in nanopatterning using electron beam lithography, which today is the primary tool for fabricating nanostructures with feature sizes as small as 5 nanometers.

Bernstein is involved in a variety of research areas in nanotechnology, including the development of a new computing paradigm based on nanoscale magnets, nanoantennas (akin to those on TV sets) tuned to "receive" infrared light, the patterning of DNA-based molecules that are designed to arrange themselves in useful patterns, and the interconnection of integrated circuit chips along their edges, a technique he has named "Quilt Packaging" and around which he carries out entrepreneurial activities. Bernstein, who holds ten patents, was the founding director of today's Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility and was named a National Science Foundation White House Presidential Faculty Fellow in 1992.

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This professorship was established in 1994, with earnings from a gift of the Freimann Charitable Trust, made in honor of Frank Freimann, a pioneer of the electronics industry and former chief executive officer of Magnavox.