Named Professorships

Paul Weithman

Paul Weithman

Glynn Family Honors Professor of Philosophy

Paul Weithman specializes in contemporary political philosophy, though he has also worked on medieval political theory, religious ethics and the philosophy of education.  His recent work concerns the place of religion in democratic decision-making, the grounds of distributive justice and the nature of political legitimacy.  His first book, Religion and the Obligations of Citizenship, won the North American Society for Social Philosophy’s annual book award in 2003.  His second, Why Political Liberalism?  On John Rawls’s Political Turn, was given the David and Elaine Spitz Prize in 2012 for the best contribution to liberal and democratic theory published in 2010.   He has won a Kaneb Teaching Award, a Joyce Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and the Thomas P. Madden Award for the Outstanding Teaching of Freshmen.   He received his BA in philosophy from Notre Dame in 1981 and his doctorate in philosophy from Harvard in 1988.

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As the founder of Glynn Capital Management, Notre Dame Trustee John Glynn (’62) has spent the past four decades investing in start-up technology businesses across the United States. In addition to this professorship, he and his wife, Barbara, have endowed several other Glynn professorships and the Glynn Family Honors Program at Notre Dame.