Named Professorships

Gary A. Anderson

Gary A. Anderson

Hesburgh Professor of Catholic Theology

In his recent ground-breaking book, Sin: A History, Gary Anderson delves into biblical theology of transgressions—how people’s understanding of sin and ideas toward forgiveness have changed—and its reception in later Jewish and Christian tradition. Anderson continues this discussion in his current book (Charity: The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition, Yale 2013), which focuses on practices of alms giving and the theology of charity in the Old Testament and in later Jewish and Christian tradition.
An expert in all aspects of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible theology and history, Anderson’s other work and research has focused primarily on the reception of the Bible in early Judaism and Christianity, the book of Genesis, the Pentateuch (the first five books of the bible), and on the book of Tobit.
He has won numerous awards, including: Henry Luce Fellow, Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Starr Fellow in Jewish Studies at Harvard University, and most recently, the joint Straus-Tikvah Fellow at the Law School at New York University.

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The Frank J. Lewis Foundation established the Hesburgh Professorship in Catholic Theology in 2006, honoring Notre Dame’s beloved President Emeritus and reflecting the foundation’s commitment to advancing Catholic character. Notre Dame’s Lewis Hall, a women’s dorm originally built to house nuns pursuing graduate degrees, was also a gift of the foundation.