Named Professorships

Margaret Anne Doody

Margaret Anne Doody

John and Barbara Glynn Family Professor of Literature

“One of the most successful literary lies” is how Margaret Anne Doody describes “the English claim to have invented the novel” in her book The True Story of the Novel. In addition to being a major critic of the novel, Doody is an expert on Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature in general—and on the work of Richardson, Burney, Swift, and Jane Austen in particular.

An accomplished author in her own right, Doody started writing her first novel when she was just six years old. Although The Magic Skipping-Rope never had its day on the printing press, Doody’s Aristotle Detective novels have certainly had theirs: this increasingly popular series, in which “Aristotle is the Sherlock Holmes,” has been published the world over, appearing in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, and Russian translations. Her stand-alone novel The Alchemists has also enjoyed an international following.

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As the founder of Glynn Capital Management, Notre Dame Trustee John Glynn (’62) has spent the past four decades investing in start-up technology businesses across the United States. In addition to this professorship, he and his wife, Barbara, have endowed several other Glynn professorships and the Glynn Family Honors Program at Notre Dame.