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Mannor Michael

Mannor Michael

John F. O'Shaughnessy Professor of Family Enterprise

Michael Mannor has served on Notre Dame's faculty since 2008, having received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University and his MBA from Grand Valley State University. He has published and presented widely in his field, which has two primary areas of focus: the role and strategic impact of executive leadership in organizations; and how organizations create and utilize specialized knowledge to boost performance. 

Professor Mannor's work has been featured in a range of major media outlets, including the Washington Post, CNN, and NPR, and he has consulted for a variety of nonprofit projects and organizations. His undergraduate and graduate teaching has included courses on Strategic Decision-Making Essentials, Business Model Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Introduction to Management.

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The I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation established this professorship in 1996, in memory of the late John F. O’Shaughnessy, a Wichita oilman and philanthropist who served on the University’s business council for nearly 40 years. John and his wife, Lucille, had 10 children, five of whom attended Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s College.