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John Sitter

John Sitter

Mary Lee Duda Professor of Literature

Professor John Sitter wrote the book on Literary Loneliness in Mid-Eighteenth-Century England: the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies awarded him the Louis Gottschalk Prize for that title, which has become recommended reading for all who study the eighteenth century. He has received residential fellowship awards from the National Humanities Center and Emory University’s Center for Humanistic Inquiry.

Sitter is a co-teacher of the interdisciplinary course "Sustainability: Principles and Practices." In addition, he is author of three other books, namely Arguments of Augustan Wit, The Poetry of Pope's "Dunciad,” and The Cambridge Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Poetry, recently named an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice magazine. He has also edited three books. In addition to late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature, Sitter studies poetry and poetics, satire, and ecological approaches to literature. His current work studies the relation of climate and ecological urgency to academic responsibility.

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The Mary Lee Duda Professor of Literature is part of the Sorin Chair of Excellence Program, established by Notre Dame Trustee Emeritus and parent Fritz L. Duda. Through this program, he and his wife Mary Lee have established professorships in each of Notre Dame’s colleges and schools.