Named Professorships

Siyuan Zhang

Siyuan Zhang

Nancy Dee Assistant Professor of Cancer Research

Cancer metastasis and resistance to anti-cancer treatments are the two major culprits which claim millions of cancer patient’s lives every year. Dr. Siyuan Zhang’s laboratory at Harper Cancer Research Institute strives to implement multidisciplinary approaches to explore answers to these two overarching challenges.

Cancer development is a dynamic in vivo process between tumor cells and tumor microenvironments. Zhang’s laboratory uses both three-dimensional co-culture system and in vivo animal models to investigate molecular mechanisms of drug resistant and metastasis. These models allow him to understand how tumor microenvironment interacts with tumor cells and the regulation of tumor development processes.  The important discoveries regarding these mechanisms could be translated into personalized cancer treatment.

Dr. Zhang is a native of Beijing, born and raised in China’s capital, where he received medical training at Peking University Health Science Center, the most prestigious medical college. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics from the National University of Singapore. Prior to joining Notre Dame, he was a postdoctoral fellow and an instructor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer. 

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Ireland native John B. Dee endowed the Nancy Dee Professorship in loving memory of his wife, Nancy, who succumbed to breast cancer in 2005. John and Nancy’s daughter, Shauna, is a 2006 alumna of Notre Dame.