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Peter Easton

Peter Easton

Notre Dame Alumni Professor of Accountancy

Widely recognized by both the academic and legal communities for his expertise in accounting and corporate valuation, Peter Easton is the academic director of the Center for Accounting Research and Education (CARE) at Notre Dame.

His research is often at the frontiers of his field, as he looks beyond traditional financial models to forecast and determine the value of corporations and their assets. For instance, if a company is worth more than its bottom line, how does one go about placing value on sometimes less tangible assets like people, patents, and power? Easton’s work is changing some of the standard corporate-valuation models—standards that, in many cases, were set decades ago.

He is also sharing that information with the broader academic community: under his leadership, CARE hosts biannual conferences that serve as a forum for doctoral candidates and accounting faculty, from the United States and abroad, to share and develop new ideas.

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With matching funds from the Arthur Andersen Foundation, Notre Dame alumni, parents, and friends established the Notre Dame Alumni Professorship to enhance teaching and scholarship in the Department of Accountancy.