Named Professorships

Timothy J. Gilbride

Timothy J. Gilbride

Notre Dame Associate Professor of Marketing

Many people equate marketing with clever or not so clever advertising, or perhaps with a sales person who was a bit too enthusiastic.  However, marketing has a long tradition of applying quantitative methods to better understand customers’ wants and needs and providing decision models to assist managers in more efficiently satisfying those wants and needs.  Tim Gilbride’s research is focused on developing applied Bayesian statistical methods to solve problems in marketing.

Marketing managers are often less interested in the average consumer than in how different segments of the market, or individuals, respond to market offerings.  Gilbride’s research has proposed methods for modeling the differences between individuals and for testing exactly how flexible these models need to be.  His research has shown that different individuals use different decisions rules about what makes a product unacceptable and that consumers tend to focus on different subsets of product attributes when making choices.  He has also worked on ways that business managers can incorporate information from past research or market place reactions to improve the quality of new research. 

Widely respected as an empirical modeler, Gilbride has published in the discipline’s top journals, given tutorials on Bayesian statistics in marketing, and served on editorial boards, research councils, and program committees to advance the use of quantitative methods on marketing.

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The Notre Dame Associate Professor of Marketing was established with a gift from an anonymous benefactor.