Named Professorships

E. Mark Cummings

E. Mark Cummings

Notre Dame Professor of Psychology

Renowned for his groundbreaking research on marital conflict, childhood attachment, and developmental psychopathology, Mark Cummings is one of the best-known and most respected developmental psychologists in the world. His findings on risk and resiliency in child development have demonstrated that unbridled arguments and unhealthy relationships between parents can inflict brutal mental damage on children. He is now applying these same models to political conflict and children, as well as research-based prevention and psycho-education for families as settings for child and adolescent development and adjustment. 

The rate and quality of Cummings’ publications is astonishing: for instance, a scholar might aspire to publish in Developmental Psychology only a few times over the course of his or her career. Cummings has published in this journal on 17 separate occasions, including four times in a single year. Similarly, he has placed 24 articles in Child Development, the other premier journal in developmental science.

Since 1999, Cummings has been awarded ten major research grants totaling more than $16.2 million. Yet his greatest achievement just may turn out to be his impact on the next generation of developmental psychologists, as he is noted for exceptional mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students.

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The Notre Dame Professorship in Psychology was endowed in 2001, by Notre Dame Trustee and parent Fritz L. Duda. He and his wife, Mary Lee, have established professorships in each of Notre Dame’s colleges and schools.