Named Professorships

Robert Audi

Robert Audi

Rev. John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy

One of the world’s best-known ethicists in philosophy, Robert Audi holds a joint appointment as the O’Brien Professor of Philosophy and professor of management. The author of 13 books and more than 200 papers, Audi’s more recent works include not only numerous writings in philosophy but also studies in business ethics, ranging from the ethical aspects of cost-benefit analysis, to integrity, the ethical dimensions of leadership, religion in the workplace, and related topics.

In his philosophical work, Audi has for many years focused on epistemology (the theory of knowledge), intuitionism in ethics, the theory of action, and the philosophy of religion, especially the relationships between faith and reason, and church and state.

Recently, he was honored with the publication of Rationality and the Good, an Oxford University Press volume of essays on his work in ethics, epistemology, and action theory by 13 internationally prominent authors. Before coming to Notre Dame, Audi taught for 30 years at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, most recently as Charles J. Mach University Professor of Philosophy.

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The O’Brien Professorships were established with a bequest from Rev. John A. O’Brien, a 40-year member of the Notre Dame faculty. A popular Catholic apologist who reached millions of readers, O’Brien was a leader of the Newman Club movement and an early advocate of Church renewal through the Second Vatican Council.