Named Professorships

Stephan A. Stolz

Stephan A. Stolz

Rev. John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Professor of Mathematics

An internationally recognized topologist, Stephan Stolz’s work at the interface of topology, differential geometry, and quantum field theory is recognized by a broad cross-section of the mathematics community worldwide. Utilizing the unique aspects of each, Stolz has answered some of the most perplexing and important questions in all of mathematics.

Stolz is the author of two books, Highly Connected Manifolds and Their Boundaries and Transfers and J-Homomorphisms. He is a frequent lecturer at mathematics institutes in the United States and in his native Germany, including the renowned Max-Planck-Institut fűr Mathematik.

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Funded by the University, the Zahm Professorships memorialize an early Notre Dame educator who authored 12 books, the most famous of which is Evolution and Dogma, wherein he argued for the compatibility of the religious belief in creation and the scientific theory of evolution. For this, Zahm was censured by the Vatican. After his death in 1921, however, he was eulogized as the greatest mind ever produced by Notre Dame and the Congregation of Holy Cross.