Named Professorships

Prashant V. Kamat

Prashant V. Kamat

Rev. John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Professor of Science

A professor of chemistry and biochemistry and the senior scientist in the Department of Energy-funded Radiation Laboratory at Notre Dame, Prashant Kamat has for nearly three decades worked to build bridges between Notre Dame faculty in the sciences and engineering—as well as with national and international research bodies—to develop advanced nano-materials that promise cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

In 2010, Kamat was named by the American Chemical Society as the deputy editor of a new online publication, the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, that meets the demand for rapid dissemination of new information among physical chemists. An active contributor to industry-sponsored research, Kamat has served on several national panels on nanotechnology and energy conversion processes. He is also a fellow of the Electrochemical Society, American Chemical Society and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). 

With more than 440 scientific papers, which have generated more than 32,000 citations, Kamat carries an h-factor (an index measuring a scientist’s productivity and impact in his field) of 98. This is an extraordinary achievement, by any measure.

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Funded by the University, the Zahm Professorships memorialize an early Notre Dame educator who authored 12 books, the most famous of which is Evolution and Dogma, wherein he argued for the compatibility of the religious belief in creation and the scientific theory of evolution. For this, Zahm was censured by the Vatican. After his death in 1921, however, he was eulogized as the greatest mind ever produced by Notre Dame and the Congregation of Holy Cross.