Named Professorships

Richard Mendenhall

Richard Mendenhall

William and Cassie Daley Professor of Finance

Stock prices rise and fall. Sometimes the reasons for this are clear, but often they are not fully understood. Longtime Notre Dame professor and finance department chair Rick Mendenhall attempts to understand the subtleties associated with how certain events affect stock prices. To that end, he has investigated the impact that public information—such as earnings announcements, analyst forecast revisions, and S&P Index additions—has on stock prices.

This line of research addresses the accuracy with which stock prices reflect value. Mendenhall and his colleagues have found that prices in financial markets tend to be very good, but not perfect, aggregators of information. His research attempts to identify situations where stock prices are biased and to understand why, in the hope of allowing investors to make better decisions—decisions that benefit not only themselves, but also the whole of society, as they lead to financial markets that are more efficient allocators of investment capital.

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The Daley Professorship was a gift of William Daley, a charter member of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees, and his wife, Cassie. A Cleveland, Ohio, investment banker, William practiced law at Otis & Co. Investments from 1928 until his death in 1971.