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Susan C. Ohmer

Susan C. Ohmer

William T. and Helen Kuhn Carey Associate Professor of Modern Communication

An expert on media industries, Susan C. Ohmer writes and lectures on topics ranging from Hollywood’s use of market research to the structural and economic impact of digital technologies.  Her book George Gallup in Hollywood (Columbia University Press) examines the emergence of market research in the film industry in the 1940s and her most recent projects assess how digital technologies have changed archival research. Having served as an executive officer of the Society for Cinema Studies and member of the Editorial Board for Cinema Journal, she now co-edits The Moving Image, the flagship journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists.  She is also a board member of WNIT, the PBS affiliate in South Bend.

As Carey Chair, Dr. Ohmer serves as academic advisor to the Notre Dame debate team, its three coaches and students.  The team is active on the national NDT policy circuit and fields teams at both the varsity and novice levels.  In fall 2012 the debate program hosted a regional debate tournament in conjunction with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library that attracted debaters from all over the Midwest.  During presidential elections, Dr. Ohmer also teaches a class on “Media and Presidential Elections” that looks at the role of media at each stage of the election process, from primaries and conventions through the debates and final voting.  As an administrator, Dr. Ohmer has served as Assistant Provost (2008-2010), Interim Director of the Hesburgh Library (2010-2011) and head of Digital ND (2011-2013), a presidential initiative that looks strategically and comprehensively at Notre Dame’s digital resources. 

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This professorship was established in 1998, by William T. Carey (’51) and Helen Kuhn Carey, a 1951 alumna of Saint Mary’s College. The Careys also provide annual funding for the travel expenditures of Notre Dame’s national topic policy debate team, reflecting their lifelong interest in speech and forensics.