Named Professorships

Ahsan Kareem

Ahsan Kareem

Robert M. Moran Professor of Engineering

A world leader in wind and structural engineering, Ahsan Kareem uses computer models and laboratory and full-scale experiments to better understand and predict the impact of natural hazards (winds, waves, earthquakes, and the like) on the constructed environment—and to develop strategies to enhance the performance and safety of buildings, bridges, offshore structures, and other civil infrastructure.

In 2009, Kareem was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, and one year later, he was named a distinguished member of the American Society of Civil Engineers; members are selected on the basis of their acknowledged eminence and worldwide reputation for outstanding leadership and research. Kareem was recognized as one of the few researchers in the world to have transformed his field through a series of innovations.

Among other honors, he is the recipient of three major medals from professional societies named after pioneering researchers in mechanics. He was inducted to the Offshore Technology Conference Hall of Fame in 2011 for innovation, direction, and lasting impact on the design, construction and installation of offshore infrastructure. In 2010, he was also elected a foreign fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering.  Also in 2010, he was appointed Honorary Professor of Tongji University, Shanghai, China, the top Civil Engineering Department in China.  He joins four leading international bridge engineers who received this honor in the last 23 years. In 2012, Kareem was named an honorary member of the Japan Association for Wind Engineering (JAWE).

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The Moran Professorship was funded by second-generation Domer Robert M. Moran (’50), founder of several oil and drilling companies in the American Southwest. Bob served for 18 years in the New Mexico House of Representatives.